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Chocka Smally
Realtor and Mortgage Loan Originator

Making Your Vision a Reality

Chocka has been an active realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth Market over 5 years and added Louisiana in 2021.  Her Masters Degree in Business Administration and broad background in Finance at a Fortune 500 company has helped her become a successful real estate agent and Loan Officer, who can get any deal done. She is an expert listing agent as well as a strong buyers agent helping people relocate to the area, buy their first home, upsize or downsize.  A Louisiana native who’s lived, worked and played in Texas for the last 22 years.  


As the trusted real estate advisor, I understand that selling and/or buying a home is complex and deeply personal.  There is also a lot at stake financially and personally.  This perspective on the process and the responsibility felt towards my clients drives me to truly be an expert at the job.  I understand the market, the players, and all of the variables involved in a real estate transaction.  I want to make sure you feel supported and that you have a trusted advisor by your side. Our team steps in to partner with you as your agent, negotiator and project manager.


“My secret sauce, is directness, transparency, understanding of the market and the ability to keep people and deals on track – calmly and professionally.”

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